Podmechanix is aiming to integrate technology as a tool for busy practitioners to maintain comprehensive patient records and further the discussion regarding biomechanics as it relates overall patient care. Podmechanix is committed to engineering future applications that will aim to provide instruction, guidance, and organization in various aspects of the patient care experience. If embraced, technology is an invaluable tool that will educate young medical professionals and can allow practitioners to maximize patient interaction without forfeiting comprehensive charting and documentation.

Our Vision

The clinical biomechanics examination is a cornerstone in a comprehensive podiatric, orthopedic, and sports medicine patient evaluation. Biomechanics can be a complicated and time-consuming task for the practitioner, but is a vital part of patient care. Podmechanix was founded to ensure that the biomechanical evaluation continues to be a fundamental part of the patient examination by providing guidance and a quick way to assess and document the exam for EMR, orthotic manufacturers, and research. 

About Podmechanix