"It is easy to use and using it will help provide a more complete biomechanical evaluation. I think it would be very useful for students and residents. I think I would actually use it if I could get it to integrate with Athena.  Developers should be commended."

           - Larry Huppin, DPM  

             (Medical Director ProLab Orthotics)


Podmechanix has been founded to revitalize the foundation of biomechanics in the treatment of podiatric and orthopedic issues. Recently released is the flagship mobile application designed to elucidate, simplify, and streamline the lower extremity biomechanical evaluation. Developed by doctors of podiatric medicine, this application provides the user a step-by-step guide in performing the biomechanical evaluation. Further, the application provides a unique, concise, and efficient means of data collection and record keeping as it relates to biomechanical values. This is an invaluable tool for students, residents, and practitioners of all skill levels. This application is the first of its kind and available on both android and iOS platforms.

Biomechanical Evaluation

Podmechanix presents the: Biomechanical Evaluation mobile application.

*Data or internet connection, plus a valid email address set-up on your mobile device required to send emails.
**Storage feature only available on Android operating system. A third party application will be required for file storage on iOS devices. 
***All data recorded, saved, or emailed is not encrypted. Podmechanix recommends enabling security features on your device and comply with all information and privacy regulations in your area. 

About the Biomechanical Evaluation

Key Features:
•    Easy to use

•    Available for devices operating on the iOS or Android 
•    Step by step instructions with visual aids
•    Creates PDF for easy viewing and export 

•    Eliminates the need for paper and pen
•    Exam data can be emailed* or stored** on you mobile device***